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Membership is an important expression of your commitment to the local pro-life cause. At a time when the prevailing culture supports abortion and euthanasia as legitimate solutions, we must stand apart in our support for the value of human life at all stages of development and ability. We must be a collective voice that says the unborn deserve the right to life and the elderly, sick and disabled deserve to be regarded as equally valuable members of the human family.

By joining our membership you:

  • Join the Halton Alive community of pro-life supporters

  • Agree to contribute through participation, awareness and giving

  • Receive voting rights at the Annual General Meeting

  • Receive update reports through our newsletter & e-mail


Membership Request

All memberships are reviewed for approval.



All members:

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Support our pro-life mission and vision

  • Apply as an individual

  • Pay the annual $20 fee

The $20 membership fee is non-tax deductible. Please indicate your preferred method of payment on the Membership Request form.

Membership must be renewed each year.

The cut off date for a membership is October 31st of each year. You can request to have your membership automatically renewed.


Annual General Meeting

May 15, 2019 | 7:00pm

St. Matthew Parish | 1150 Monks Passage, Oakville


Join us

Every year we host a meeting of the membership and guests to review the activities and finances of Halton Alive. This is a great opportunity to hear about the work we are doing and capture the vision for the future.

All members are expected to attend or submit a proxy form.


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