Promoting life through the power of education and support. 


Pregnant? Need help or support?


Megan’s Story

You are not alone. Others have gone through what you’re dealing with right now and found hope, support and a positive way forward. Listen to those who have walked in your shoes.

Felicia’s Story

When the others say, “you can’t” or “give up” we know you are stronger than you think. You CAN do this. You have more love and strength and ability than you know. Reach out for help.


Honest education.
Real options.

Real choice begins with having the facts and understanding your options. Learn more about life issues and the kind of support that is available.


This is us…

A new attitude.

At Halton Alive we are dedicated to education and support because we know that it brings clarity and hope to difficult circumstances. We are passionate about seeing people thrive and believe the best way to support a woman in an unplanned pregnancy is to support her and her unborn child.

Our attitude is positive, compassionate and filled with grace. Our approach is honest dialogue without condescending judgement. We know how difficult circumstances can be. We know the choices are not easy. We are here to talk, to help and be honest about life.