A medical or surgical procedure to intentionally terminate a pregnancy by ending the life of a child in the womb.


Abortion in Canada

Canada has no law on abortion.

There is an absence of law on abortion in Canada making it legal to have an abortion, for any reason, right up to the moment of birth.

Unborn humans are not considered human under the law - they have no rights or protections

There are approximately 100,000 abortions in Canada every year

1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion

Abortion is covered under Canada’s healthcare system

sex-selective abortion is legal


Abortion in Halton

1,400 abortions every year.

Every year the equivalent of the average high school is aborted in Halton

1 in 5 pregnancies in Halton end in abortion

Women aged 25-35 constitute 40% of the abortions

Teenagers aged 15-19 will choose abortion 79% of the time


All data in the charts below was obtained from the latest report by Halton Region Health Department

% of abortions vs. deliveries by age demographic

Example: Women aged 20-24 will choose abortion 61% of time vs 39% who choose to deliver

% of pregnancies that end in abortion by city

On average, 20% of pregnancies in Halton end in abortion

% of pregnancies & % of abortion by age demographic

Example: teenage pregnancy represents 2.1% of all pregnancies in Halton and 8.4 % of all abortions in Halton

Abortion Procedures

Abortion is legal in Canada through all 9 months.

Below are videos created by Dr. Anthony Levatino to describe the abortion procedure in medical terms.

WARNING: While Dr. Levatino has used textbook style images rather than real life images please be advised that the nature of abortion is very graphic and violent and so these videos may be disturbing.

It is the policy of Halton Alive not to use graphic imagery. This is the only section of our website that you may find the imagery disturbing. If seeing this is a trigger for you of a past abortion please visit our Abortion Recovery page for helpful resources. If this imagery angers or offends you please consider getting involved in helping to provide women with alternatives to abortion.


1st Trimester Abortion Procedures


2nd Trimester Abortion Procedure


3rd Trimester Abortion Procedure