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Volunteer Positions

These are specific positions that we are looking for a dedicated volunteer to fill.


While we are not currently hiring a paid bookkeeper position at this time, if you are qualified and experienced in this area you might consider volunteering your time to Halton Alive!

Knowledge of Quickbooks

Experience in maintaining financial records


Social Media Expert

If you love and understand social media and have a creative eye for getting the message across this role might be a great way for you to give back!

Ability to represent the Halton Alive voice

Understanding of multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Creative ability to generate posts and content


Volunteer Committees

These committees have a huge impact but they are also fun and have perks like attending events for free and making new friends!

Events Team

This team of amazing people are a major part of the success of events our silent auction at the Gala and Life Talks conference.

They have planning meetings and buzz with activity as we draw closer to an event.

Perks include attending the event for free!

Promo Team

This team is focused on promoting Halton Alive’s events and activities to their communities and help us make new connections by making introductions.

They help spread the word and distribute materials when needed. They confirm announcement are made and that information is getting where it needs to go!

Youth Team

This group is generally high school aged and gets involved in Halton Alive events and activities with a focus on leadership.

They have meetings to plan and work on projects or events.

Perks include pizza and laughter!

This ‘n That

This is a group of people that help out with little things whenever they can.

It’s usually helping with something really practical that saves us a whole bunch of time!