Our Vision

Educate. Equip. Connect.


Imagine a world where women didn’t feel like abortion was their only choice. A world where pregnancy was celebrated, women were supported, men were loyal and the unborn were valued as tiny growing human wonders.

Imagine a world where even in the toughest of circumstances you knew you were not alone. Where you didn’t have to choose between life and death, between the woman and the child. Where there was a third option for both to thrive.

That’s the power of education and support.

At Halton Alive we believe in REAL choice, the kind of choice that increases quality of life, that leads to a path of fulfillment and hope.

We believe in facts and honest dialogue to challenge how people think about relationships, unplanned pregnancy, the humanity of the unborn, and real solutions to challenging circumstances.

We believe in choosing and loving both woman and child.

Join us as we stand apart as a community committed to love, support, honesty, compassion and the value of human life at every stage.

To be a pillar in our community that promotes the value of all human life
— Halton Alive Vision Statement
Living with dignity is being loved and cared for at our most vulnerable moments from conception until the last natural breath is drawn
— Anonymous
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