Got the Facts?


It's important to get the facts straight and consult multiple sources of information before making a decision or defending a position. We have compiled information so you can do just that. No matter what you're dealing with, get the true facts before taking the next step.

Healthy Relationships Let's talk about how we can be men and women of integrity, love and respect.

Porn Is it okay to watch? Are there negative effects? 

Fetal Development The incredible journey of how human life is formed - you can't make this stuff up!

Adoption Sounds like the hardest thing to do right? Things have changed with open adoption, learn more about this loving choice!

Abortion What kind of choice is it really? What happens in an abortion? Why are pro-lifers SO against abortion? 

Impacts of Abortion How does abortion impact Women? Men? Our Culture & Community?

Abortion Causes Breast Cancer Fact or Fiction?!

Post-Abortion Help Dealing with emotions and trauma after an abortion. Where to get help.

Euthanasia It's real and it's in Canada - so what is this "medical assistance in dying?"