Interested in Hosting a Film Night?

Films are great way to share information and educate your community in an impactful way. Halton Alive has a list of several great films that are packed with information in a way that makes it understandable. We encourage you to host a film night in your school, youth group, small group, church or community organization. 

Halton Alive staff are available to assist in faciliting the event as well as speaking and answering questions following the film. If this interests you, please contact our office for more information and to make arrangements.

Here are two excellent, current films Halton Alive has shown and would be great for your community. Contact us or visit our library for more film titles that address life topics.


To order a copy of HUSH go to and be sure to use promocode: HALTONALIVE16 to get 10% off!

Use these "FACT or FICTION" posters to help advertise the event. Each poster has a fact straight from the film and room to fill in the details of your event.

Click here to download them. 


The Euthanasia Deception was produced by DunnMedia and Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Watch it online or purchase at