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Church growth program

Helping churches love and support women better.


Equipping church leadership and congregations to build a culture in the church that is intentional, welcoming and supportive to women in unplanned pregnancies.

Halton Alive will walk with you through a four-step transformational process:

  1. The theological foundation for how to respond,

  2. Building a grace perspective by assessing how we think and talk,

  3. Create a response plan to provide clarity on the church’s practical response,  

  4. Integrate loving action so that existing or new church programs are spaces to love and support women in unplanned pregnancies.

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Let’s change these statistics. Let’s be a beacon of hope, compassion and support.

52% of women who attend church and have had an abortion, say no one knows - how are we supporting them?

Over 50% of women would not recommend discussing an unplanned pregnancy with someone at a local church

1 in 3 women were attending church at least once a month at the time of their first abortion

34% of church-going women expected or received a judgmental response from the church at the time of their decision.

Study on Women Who Have Had and Abortion and Their Views on Church. Commissioned by CareNet 2016