What My Family of Seven Siblings Taught Me

I have grown up with six amazing individuals, each of whom I have had the privilege of building strong and loving relationships with. They have been my best friends throughout the seventeen years of my life as we have all grown together.  Each one of them has helped shape who I am today. They cry with me, laugh with me and are always there for me. I couldn’t imagine a life without them. Growing up in a family of seven kids has taught me many things. At times it has been overwhelming and there were certainly challenges but I’ve learnt a great deal of patience and how to be independent. But perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned from being part of this big family is just how valuable life is.

Throughout the years, my parents have received many comments regarding the size of our family.  Most of the comments were positive but there were always those passive aggressive negative ones. People would say, “Wow! I feel sorry for your mom!” or “I can barely handle four!” Hearing these comments made me feel uneasy, I couldn’t understand why these mothers saw children as a burden when I had grown up in a family where the complete opposite had been taught.

As I grew older I became more aware of what the world’s view on children is. Children are considered to be too much responsibility or trouble.  Families are getting smaller and more and more lives of the unborn are being taken away.  Abortion has made it easier for women to “get rid” of their unwanted children and has made the deaths of so many innocent human beings possible. The world has completely taken the value of human life away.

Being pro-life has always been something that I am very passionate about.  I wanted to make a difference and show the world that children are a gift from God and not a burden to be treated mercilessly.  I found my opportunity a couple of summers ago when I started to volunteer with Halton Alive. I got to help out with quite a few tasks including organizing the library, researching and finding donations for the annual Gala and silent auction. This was an eyeopening experience as I got to go out into the community and speak to many individuals about how truly valuable life is.  Halton Alive has also provided me with some writing opportunities which have helped shape who I am as a writer, as well as a pro-life activist. I excited to continue working with Halton Alive so I can do my part in making a difference in the lives of the unborn.

It is difficult sometimes to find your opportunity to make a difference. You may have the passion growing inside of you but have no idea what to do with it.  I encourage you to look into volunteering with organizations such as Halton Alive. There are so many different ways that you can help this cause including: becoming a life ambassador and encouraging people in your local community to become involved, fundraising for events such as the Gala, joining a committee and focusing on specific events, or even by helping out with miscellaneous tasks around the office. There are opportunities available for whatever your interests may be and any service; no matter how big or small would help Halton Alive immensely.  Participating in events such as the Walk for Life or in flag displays is an another amazing way to take a stand and support this cause. It truly is an eyeopening experience to come together with hundreds of people and fight for what is right.

To be pro-life is to support the right to life of the unborn. In order to uphold this we must take action and do what we can to fight this terrible injustice. We have been given a responsibility to be stewards of God’s creation and this pertains to the tiny lives of the unborn humans. Find your opportunity and seize it, help show the world how valuable life really is.

Natalie Breukelman