"Saving Babies" Criminalized

Is there anything sweeter or more moving than the sight of a new born baby? Their soft, fragile state reminds us of how vulnerable we all are, how innocent we all once were and how much we need each other to navigate this life. But some would end that life before it's first breath. In France they won't even let you try to save it. Friday Dec. 2, 2016 France passed a bill to criminalize pro-life websites that attempt to dissuade women from having abortions.

Let me be clear...they are making it illegal to inform women of the truth about abortion and offer them alternatives. Those convicted could face two years in prison and fines up to 30,000 euros ($31,799 USD). This news is falling way under the radar of the liberal Canadian media but you should be very concerned. The passing of this bill is radical and infringes on freedom of expression AND the 1975 French law that legalized abortion, which called for women to be informed of alternatives. In case you thought Orwell's 1984 was just fiction, 'thought crime' is becoming reality before our very eyes.

This kind of censoring is not only "over there" - we're talking about France... and Canada has already been trending this way. Not only does the government neglect to collect full and accurate data on abortion in Canada (clinics are not required to report their numbers) they have actually censored abortion statistics from the public. [Learn more about this censorship at our Stop Censorship Tour on January 10, 2017] It is essential that we have accurate data on such a serious proceedure. Regardless of your stance on the issue, the statistics inform us of cultural trends and the direction and needs of women in our society. Furthermore, as a service largely provided for by all of our tax dollars we have a right to know how that service is being accessed. 

The fact that this new French bill has passed 1st reading so quickly is shocking. If there was ever a time to get behind the pro-life movement it is now. It is time for pro-lifers to think very seriously about the value of human life and rise together to put some action and support behind their beliefs. It's great to say "I am pro-life" but we desperately need to see a tangible swell of support. Far too many pro-life groups are under supported and therefore less effective than they could be. If we really believe that the right to life is 1st and most important right, if we really believe that these tiny, beautiful human beings who are literally being ripped apart and thrown out in the trash deserve better and the mothers and fathers who suffer from physical, emotional, relational and psychological trauma as a result of having abortion deserve better then we need to start putting our money and our actions ahead of our words before those words are silenced! The Liberal government made it clear that they are a pro-abortion government and will stop at nothing to reiforce that. With France now leading the way it's an open door for countries like Canada to follow suit. 

Fundraising is one of the more difficult and less delightful things we have to do when running a charity. It's tough to ask people to give up their hard earned cash but it's what we must to do to get on with the work of saving lives. I fully believe that education is how we end the demand for abortion. The more people that come to a full understanding of what abortion is and why it is wrong for the unborn and their parents, the more people that learn how to talk about this issue with intelligence, the more people that are enboldened to speak out when the topic comes up, who dare to comment on Facebook posts and know how to refer those in need to resources the more we will see women making a choice for life. THIS is what we do at Halton Alive. So if that's what you want to see happening right here in our community then I implore every pro-lifer to back us up with your support. How? Very simple:

  1. Read your Halton Alive emails - respond by coming out to the events we run

  2. Donate monthly - it doesn't even matter how much

I am doing this. Will you?

We live in a world where people kill their young, help us bring that to an end. Help us save the 100,000 lives that are lost to abortion in Canada every year by starting with the 1,400 we can save right here in Halton!

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