A Story of Love & Adoption

By: Anonymous Community Member

My adoption story is unique compared to most people. When my husband and I first considered adopting, it wasn’t because we were unable to conceive. We were inspired by a TV show at the time that featured children in need of loving families to adopt. One little boy, named Sammy, captured our hearts and the notion that we could provide a loving Christian home to a child like him was inspiring. We both loved children very much so we started discussing adoption possibilities.

In the meantime, I became pregnant and our first daughter was born in 1965.  How excited and thankful we were!!  Pregnancy was such an incredible journey and the joy of meeting our child for the first time was indescribable. But our desire to adopt had not faded. We still remembered the face of little Sammy so two years later we contacted our local Children’s Aid to get the process started. The social worker was quite puzzled by the fact that we were interested in adoption when we were able to have children of our own. We knew that we wanted a large family (the Lord willing) and because we were Christians, knew we could provide a child loving home.

A few months later the phone rang, there was a newborn boy waiting for a home if we were interested. Interested?! We were ecstatic! Family and friends helped us scramble to find everything we needed and prepare to welcome this new edition to our family. The social worker delivered him to our home on a Friday afternoon. I will never forget that moment. He was beautiful. The experience was completely different than giving birth but just as exciting. Our daughter now had a baby brother.

Life continued and we were blessed with the birth of our second daughter a couple years later. We were now proud parents of three children but our family was still not complete. In 1971 we started the process of adoption again, asking for an older child. Then, lo and behold, in the fall of 1971 I found out I was pregnant again! The social worker asked us if we still wanted to proceed with the adoption, we said yes, because it could take a considerable amount of time. Our third daughter was born the following July and in March 1974 we met our second son for the first time; he was 3 and a half years old. We were all so excited and nervous as this beautiful little boy got out of the social worker’s vehicle.

Then life hit us with a heavy blow. My husband was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. All I could think was…I will never smile again.  I never questioned God by asking why. When people would mention that, I would always respond with, “why not”.  God never promised us a perfect life, there will be joyful days and dark days in everyone’s life, and even through this illness we were blessed in so many ways.  Our church family, neighbors, family, lots of support. The difficult times bring us closer to the Lord. Even the Children’s Aid considered removing this little boy from our home, which added a whole new level of stress and fear on the entire family. He had already experienced a lot of upheaval and insecurity in his life and we loved him dearly so the thought of him being moved to a new family, to make another beginning with strangers was unthinkable. There was a lot of crying during this time…a lot of praying…a lot of meetings. Finally, Children’s Aid said our son could remain with us. It was a complete relief to hear those words.

It wasn’t long after that my husband passed away. I remember thinking, this will be the first day of a different life. Each day is a new beginning.  How was I ever going to raise 5 kids under 10 on my own?! People must have thought I was insane but I was very blessed to have a large supportive network of family and friends. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” was never truer! God in His infinite grace sustained us and despite the challenges, all 5 grew up into beautiful adults who have gone on to create families of their own and made me a great-grandmother! I am so thankful to the Lord for all His mercies and blessed to have each one in my life.  I always think of my sons biological mothers on their birthdays.  Like the bible tells us, “Can a mother ever forget the child on her breast?” I think of the deep pain and sense of loss they must experience and so I pray for them often.

Life gives us many challenges. If it was not for the unplanned pregnancies of the biological mothers of my adopted children I would not have had the distinct pleasure of having these children in my life. If it was not for their immense courage and sacrifice in giving them life and entrusting them in the care of a stranger we would not know the love and joy we find in each other today. How can I be anything but vehemently pro-life?! I have experienced the blessings of life first hand and encourage everyone to value and respect each life from the moment of conception despite life circumstances.


To protect the identities of her children the writer has chosen to remain anonymous


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