Where there's a WILL there's a Way


Children and the value of all human life have always been an important part of my family’s traditions. My husband, Terry and I made the decision to adopt two beautiful children, which was the catalyst to our involvement with Halton Alive many decades ago. In the early days, I helped founder, Bette Hamon translate key pro-life materials into French. I’ve always admired Halton Alive for saving babies through education and particularly their emphasis on teaching in high schools to help students make good, life-affirming choices. Understanding the impact that Halton Alive has, I want to make sure they are supported to continue pro-life work for many years to come.

Generosity has also been an important value in my family. Growing up, my father organized collections of goods and money to help neighbouring families who were in need or suffered disasters. My grandfather very generously donated a large piece of property to his church when they were struggling to get land. So it was very natural that Terry and I would continue the tradition of giving throughout our 32 years of marriage.

After Terry passed away in 1994, I realized that our life savings and investments in our Retirement Income Fund would be taxed at almost 50 per cent when I passed away. Instead of paying hefty taxes and letting the government decide how to spend my money, I decided to work with my financial advisor and lawyer to arrange for six charities to receive the remainder of my Retirement Income Fund. In this way, I can offer significant financial support to Halton Alive without compromising my ability to live comfortably now. My children, now adults at 48 and 50, are also very supportive of this decision as they are already well-established in life and understand the importance of supporting pro-life.

I am thrilled to leave a gift in my will for Halton Alive and surprised how quick, easy and inexpensive it was to do so. Since it doesn’t cost me anything now, I am able to continue enjoying life to the fullest, tending my gardens, entertaining family and friends, travelling and pursuing my love of the musical arts. I hope that my children and 12-year-old grandson are inspired by my example to carry on the family tradition of being generous and supporting life.

I encourage you, the loyal supporters of life, to consider how you will support the pro-life movement and consider leaving a gift in you will for Halton Alive. May their work continue to thrive and save the lives of many.